Craft & Connect unites crafters and community organizations for good.

Step 1
Tell us what you are interested in crafting.
Step 2
We will instantly match you with a non-profit organization collecting those crafts to help people in need.
Step 3
After you sign up to craft an item for an organization, you can look for people in your area who are also interested in crafting the item.
Grab the glitter and get started now!
What kind of crafts do you make?
Connect with crafters in your area who are working on the same project.
Join forces to craft for social good!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did you start Craft & Connect?
    If you have crafted for a while, you probably faced the realization that you don't know what to do with your crafts anymore. Craft & Connect gives you opportunities to help others and gives you another reason to keep on crafting! We also let you connect with people in your area so you can craft for good together.